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Network Receiver
The integrated stereo system
The NWR100 is a real all-rounder. With its versatile connectivity options, it replaces a complete stereo system.

Streaming Client
In addition to UPnP / DLNA, the CDA100 also provides Internet radio, as well as online music services (Deezer, Spotify, Qobuz). In Addition Bluetooth connectivity enables access to music on Mobile phones, Tablets etc.
This gives you access to all sources from the network.

It has analogue and a digital inputs via which external devices such as blue-ray players, games consoles or turntables can be connected.
There is also an analogue and a digital output available.

Integrated amplifier
The integrated Class-D amplifier delivers enough power to fill even larger rooms. It impresses with its clear and balanced sound, and offers excellent dynamics, living up to high expectations.
The stereo version offers up to 2 x 125W music performance. The 2.1 version has two Stereo outputs and can be operated with its third output via a passive subwoofer.
The subwoofer and the NWR100 can be hidden in or under the furniture so that only the small satellites are visible. The big sound convinces.

Add sound to the picture
NWR 100 with optional ARC can be connected to a TV via the ARC / CEC interface using an HDMI cable. It then receives the digital audio signal from the TV and the volume can be easily changed with the TV remote control.

Download datasheet NWR100

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