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Inventions for a Better Sound
was the slogan of PONTIS, which was the brand under which Erich Böhm, founder of Audivo, sold the worlds first portbale MP3 players.
Since the first prototype of an MP3 player in 1995 until now the mission of Erich Böhm was to bring the best possible sound to the customer in a digital environment.
The SP600, the last MP3 player that was sold by PONTIS, was rated best sounding player in many tests.
As an audiophile engineer, he has e degree in electronics (focus on electro acoustics and cybernetics) and is a hobby musician, dedicated his effort to develop the best available streaming solution for HiFi enthusiasts.

Audivo is a technological engineering company using state of the art technologies to satisfy customer demands.

We will continue to make latest technology easily accessible for consumers and supply our customers with the best support to be able to build innovative products.